Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Tannus.

The tyre is 1-2km per/hr slower than the fastest road tyres, so these would be perfect for all forms or road users doing long distance events such as Ironman, 70.3 and sportive over 200km, perfect for road training as well.

This would be a perfect tyre to use as you wouldn’t have all the extra weight to carry and you will not have that fear of ruining a race you have trained for over a puncture, perfect for new beginners to cycling and triathlon.

All depends on the individual 20 minutes per tyre, but remember once there on you do not need to take them off. Also we recommend you get them fitted from a authorised Tannus dealer. (Please see website for your nearest stockist or Distributor)

Rides like a pneumatic tyre.

Its about 100 Psi on the Tannus Regular grade example: is on a 700 x 23c and 700 x 28c.

Tannus has 3 grades Soft, Regular and Hard (Europe only stocks Regular and Hard)

10,000Km (6000 miles) depending on the riders style of riding.

You would only need to take it off to replace them or if you had a broken spoke. But the whole tyres does not need to be removed only area where the spoke is broken. We recommend you take it to Tannus authorised dealer to do this.

The slip resistance has been tested the same as a pneumatic tyre.

Tannus is made from a material called Aither 1.1 its a polymer like the soles of your running shoes (Trainers).

Each tyre can with stand 75kg example: 2 x 75kg = 150kg person.

Depending on the size of the tyre weight for example: 700 x 23c = 380 grams.