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Tannus Airless Tyre 20 x 1.5 - Fits 19-21mm Inner Rim Width

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Colour – Black
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  • 100% Puncture Proof – Never Goes Flat
  • Guaranteed For 5,000 Miles
  • Lightweight
  • Use Existing Rim

Never let a puncture stop you again with Tannus Airless Tyres. 

Puncture Proof

Our Airless Tyres are made from our patented material called Aither 1.1. It’s completely solid but rides like normal bike tyres. Our tyres NEVER GO FLAT!


Starting at just 370g Tannus Tyres weigh the same as most Tyre+Tube+Rim tape combinations.

Longer Life

Guaranteed to last 5,000 miles with only a 1.5mm of wear. Tannus Airless Tyres last almost twice as long as normal road bike tyres.

Existing Rim Compatibility

If you have the existing clincher type rim, it can be used with Tannus Tyres.

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Tannus Airless Tyre 20 x 1.5 - Fits 19-21mm Inner Rim Width
Tannus Airless Tyre 20 x 1.5 - Fits 19-21mm Inner Rim Width

Peace of mind

  • Never Puncture Again

    With Tannus Airless you cannot puncture. Plus, our Airless tyres are guaranteed for 5,000 miles.

  • Committed to Recycling

    As well as reducing the number of inner tubes going to landfill, we are committed to recycling your old Tannus tyres.


Do I need special wheels or rims?

No, Tannus Airless tyres are desinged to work with a conventional hook and bead rim. They won't work with hookless rims.

How do I fit Tannus Airless tyres?

Do I need special tools to fit?

Tannus Airless tyres come with our S-tool for fitting. We also sell separately our P-tool, which some people find offers them more leverage.

Can you fit these for me?

Yes, we offer a fitting service. We'll collect your wheels, fit your Airless tyres and return your wheels to you. We can return your old tyres or recycle them for you.