How do I return an item?

You can read our returns/exchange policy here.

You can return your parcel to:
Tannus Online Department - #your invoice number
Unit 3, Twin Brook Business Park 

I'm not sure I will be able to fit my Airless tyres, can you help? 

We are now offering a white glove service. For more information please click here

What size airless tyre do I need to order?

The correct size of airless tyre depends on the internal rim width of your rims - not the size on your regular tyres. In order to measure your internal rim width you will need to take your tyre off and measure it with a ruler or caliper. Once you know your internal rim width, you can use the size chart here to find the correct tyre size or contact us using the Live Chat at the bottom of the screen.

Can you let me know once a specific item is in stock?

Yes, of course. Please can you email sales@tannus.co.uk and we will send you an email once we have the stock.

What size tube will I need?

You can buy either presta or scharder tubes with your Armour directly through us. Alternatively, if you are buying elsewhere please make sure the tube falls within the measurements listed on the size chart linked Tannus Armour Size Guide – TANNUS UK

Why is Tannus Armour not available for 25mm tyres?

There simply isn't enough space inside a 25mm tyre to accommodate the foam of the Armour and an inner tube that would allow a decent ride. Even if inner tubes were small enough to fit inside the Armour,  wouldn't be enough air within the tube to provide a decent ride feel and support for the tyre.

What size pins do I need for my airless tyres?

You need to add 3.5mm onto your internal rim width to get the correct pin size. Your airless tyre will come with three different pins, that will fit a range of three sizes. You will only need to use one set of pins. We have a video demonstrating how to fit airless tyres that includes a section on choosing and checking pin sizes. Click here to watch it.

How much is postage??

Postage is £3.99 for England, Wales and Scotland (not the highlands). Postage to Northern Ireland is £9.99.

I live outside the UK and my local dealers don’t have stock. Can I buy from Tannus.co.uk and you ship to my country?

Unfortunately not, you will have to contact your local dealer and get them to send you the product once it is back in stock. If there isn't a local dealer, please send us an email to sales@tannus.co.uk and we will do our best to help.

Can I reuse my airless tyre on a new bike with the same internal rim width?

It depends how long the tyre has been on the wheel. When you take the tyre off there might be some tear where the pins are.

However, if the tears aren’t constant then the tyre should be fine but we can’t guarantee it.

We would recommend taking it to your local bike shop that has experience of fitting Tannus.

 Are your products sold in pairs? 

All of our products are sold individually. This is because customers might choose to use a combination of products (e.g. Airless on the rear, Armour on the front), customers with trikes or different sized wheels. 

Our fitted for you service includes two Airless products as part of the £199 package.