Puncture-Proof Airless Tyres

The best performing and fastest solid tyre in history. Ensures your ride only stops when you choose to.


No Punctures, No Maintenance, No Stress

Tannus Airless is the first solid bicycle tyre to have performance and weight comparable to those of traditional tyres. The innovative Aither 1.1 compound allows for a 100% puncture-proof bike tyre without sacrificing performance and comfort.


100% Puncture Resistant

Tannus Airless is a solid tyre and is 100% puncture proof. Since there is no inner tube, it is impossible to run into punctures. Despite this, the riding sensations are like those of traditional tyres.


Maintenance Free

Forget pumps, tyres and spare inner tubes. With Tannus Airless, maintaining your tyre will no longer be a problem. Every time you pick up your bike, your tires will always be ready.


Maximum Safety

Certified by TÜV as the safest tyre on the market. Tannus Airless has excellent grip on any terrain and will be your best friend in terms of safety. Plus, thanks to the Pin Locking System , it is impossible to roll the tyre off the rim. 


Lightweight and Durable

Thanks to the Aither 1.1 material, Tannus tyres are super light and durable. Millions of micro-air cells are enclosed inside, which allow for a weight comparable to most traditional solutions. Plus, Tannus airless tyres are guaranteed for 5,000 miles.