Airless Tyres Size Guide

Tannus airless tyres are compatible with any clincher rim. Most bicycle rims nowadays are clincher. This is the metal beading on the inside of your rim that holds the tire onto the rim.

We separate our airless tyres by rim width. We try to make our tyre sizes in lines with the industry standard, so if you currently use a 700 x 25C for example, you would generally speaking run a 700 x 25C Tannus airless tyre. Rim manufacturers vary and current trends might mean that in fact a regular 700 x 25C tyre is in fact a Tannus 700 x 28C. Don’t worry, we have made it super easy for you to find your tire size below.

You'll find your tyre size on the sidewall of the tyre (see the diagram below) and the full spec of each tyre size in the table. If you have any questions we are here to help. Simply use the Live Chat feature in the bottom corner of any web page to speak to our team or click here to email us.

Airless tyre size guide

16″ x 1.25" (32-305) 17-20mm 90 280
16″ x 1.25" (32-349) 17-20mm 90 310
20″ x 1.5" (40-406) 19-21mm 85/80/75 570
26″ x 1.75" (44-559) 17-20mm 85/80/75 800
700x23C (23-622) 13-15mm 115/105/95 370
700x25C (25-622) 16-18mm 110/100 434
700x28C Semi-slick (28-622) 14-16mm 95/100/105 460
700x28C Portal (32-622) 18-20mm 100/110 496
700x32C (32-622) 18-20mm 80 650
700x40C (40-622) 19-21mm 80 730


Choosing the correct pin size

Tannus airless tyres come with everything you need to install them. If you can fit a regular bike tyre then you'll be able to fit your Tannus airless tyres.

This video takes you  through each step - from measuring your rim width and choosing the correct size pins, a quick and easy way to double check your pin size, through to step-by-installation.

Tannus airless tyres pins

You can download a chart showing the correct pin size for each rim with by clicking the button below.