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Tannus Tubeless Armour Pro Insert

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MTB - XC - Enduro - Downhill

The PRO version offers the best compromise to riders who need rim protection, run flat capability and lateral support without affecting the tire and riding feeling.

PRO 27.5'' x 2.1-2.6 weigh 140g 

PRO 29'' x 2.1-2.6 weight 155g 


    Tannus Tubeless Armour Pro Insert

    Peace of Mind

    • Ride Anywhere

      Ride wherever the mood takes you safe in the knowledge you have up to 15mm additional puncture protection.

    • Committed to Recycling

      As well as reducing the number of inner tubes going to landfill, we are committed to recycling your old Tannus tyres and Armour.


    Do I still need to use sealant?

    Yes. We recommend you add little more sealant than usual for best results. Tannus Tubeless Armour is formulated not to absorb latext sealants.

    Do I need a compressor to fit?

    No, you don't need a compressor or air tank to fit Tannus Tubeless Armour. We recommend you use tyre levers to fit the last section of tyre although some people can do this by hand.

    Can I use Tubeless Armour with carbon rims?

    Yes, you can use Tubeless Armour with any type of rim compatible with running tubeless tyres. Tubeless Armour offers 20mm of rim protection as well as absorbing vibration.

    Is Tubeless Armour just for mountain bikes?

    No, we offer a 700c version for 33-47mm width tyres. Perfect for gravel or bike packing adventures.