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Tannus Armour Tyre Insert for 20'' Wheels

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  • Eliminates 90% of all punctures
  • Easy installation
  • Run flat capable
  • Protects your rims

Virtually Eliminates Flats

Tannus Armour wraps around your tube. With up to 15mm of protection, sharp objects can’t penetrate your inner tube.

Never Stop Riding

In the unlikely event you do get a flat tyre, you can still ride for a limited period of time.*

*Excluding fat tyre sizes.

More Than Flat Protection

Tannus Armour’s design also helps protect your rim on those big drops and hard hits.

Better Handling Ride

The Tannus Armour sidewall’s help stabilize your tires on corners and cushion the ride for more comfort.

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Tannus Armour Tyre Insert for 20&

Peace of Mind

  • Ride Anywhere

    Ride wherever the mood takes you safe in the knowledge you have up to 15mm additional puncture protection.

  • Committed to Recycling

    As well as reducing the number of inner tubes going to landfill, we are committed to recycling your old Tannus tyres and Armour.


Can I use my old inner tube?

No, Armour means there is less space inside the tyre so you will need a smaller inner tube. Click here for a guide to inner tube sizes. You can also use the live chat at the bottom of the screen or call us on 01200 400 630 and we'll happily help you find the correct inner tube size.

Is Armour difficult to fit?

If you can fit a tyre you can fit Tannsu Armour. We've got a video taking you through the processs.