What are the best puncture resistant e-bike tyres?

Around 1 in 20 people in the UK now own an electric bike (e-bike). This widespread ownership encompasses a far wider variety of age groups that you might think - from older people who can enjoy the same health benefits as riding a regular bike, to young adults who are more environmentally conscious or priced out of car ownership by high insurance.

E-bikes have even entered the world of elite sport, with their own world championships. Current Olympic mountain world champion Tom Pidcock claimed the world e-mountain bike championship in 2020. E-bikes truly are just another type of bike. Except when it comes to punctures.

When you hear the dreaded hiss of escaping air, or feel the thump-thump of rolling on a flat tyre, you are about to find out that your e-bike is different from the lightweight racing bikes you passed so effortlessly up that last hill. That's because batteries and motors are heavy. And dismantling your e-bike - especially at the side of the road - is a long way from being as easy as on a traditional bike. If you ride an e-bike the best solution to puncture repairs is to avoid having to do them. Here's the different ways you can do that.

Fit Heavier Tyres

For as long as there have been bicycles, fitting heavier tyres has been the default puncture prevention strategy. Make the rubber thicker and glass or debris is less likely to puncture it. Yes, the tyres will be heavier but after the first couple of rides you won't notice. Besides, if you're on an e-bike you've got that powerful electric motor to take care of any increased weight.

The most popular heavy duty tyre is the Schwalbe Marathon Plus. This stalwart of commuting boasts thicker rubber along with a 5mm thick layer of foam known as SmartGuardTM beneath the tyre tread. With all this protection the 32mm wide version of the Marathon Plus weighs in at 810g. About 50% more than a regular tyre and tube. Your motor will handle this without a problem, but if maximum battery life is your goal then this additional weight is going to reduce battery life. Despite its durability and SmartGuardTM the Marathon Plus is still not 100% puncture proof. You could still find yourself walking home.

Tannus Armour Inserts

Like the SmartGuardTM fitted beneath the tread of the Marathon Plus, Tannus Armour inserts add an extra layer of puncture protection beneath the tread of your regular tyre. In fact Tannus Armour provides a whopping 15mm of protection in comparison to the 5mm of SmartGuardTM. That's enough to protect against broken glass, thorns, or even a rusty nail. The protection of Tannus Armour extends down the side of the tyre, offering 2mm of protection at the sidewall. This means that even if you suffer a cut in the side of your tyre, you'll more likely than not get to where you're going. Even better, Tannus Armour only adds 200g to a regular 32mm tyre and tube set up. That's about a pound lighter across both wheels. In other words, the weight of Tannus Armour will have less impact on your battery life.

Tannus Armour stops around 90% of punctures. You can use it on your electric road bike, folding bike, mountain bike, or gravel bike. Plus, we're so confident that you'll be impressed that we offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not impressed we'll refund your money.


Tannus Airless Tyres

For 100% guaranteed invincibility against punctures you need to use airless tyres. Unlike the solid rubber tyres often found on children's bikes, Tannus Airless tyres use a special polymer called Aither which flexes just like a regular tyre and tube. It's the ultimate e-bike tyre. You could hammer a nail through the tyre (like in the picture above) and still be able to ride your e-bike once you'd pulled the nail out. Tannus Airless tyres are also guaranteed to last 5,000 miles. Tannus Airless tyres are available to fit road bikes, hybrids and folding bikes (including Bromptons). For 100% puncture protection and 100% peace of mind, nothing come close.